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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an amazing land that offers beautiful surprises in the forms of its countless monuments, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, and colourful fairs & festivals.

It is also a place where you can have a deep communication with your inner soul-an experience you would cherish forever.

Sri Lanka is located off the southern most tip of India and surrounded by the warm Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is generally referred to as the gateway to the Far East. It is many peoples’ idea of paradise.

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The history of Sri Lanka stretches back over 2500 years, its very beginnings are lost in myth and legend, and the arrival of Prince Vijaya an exile from North India with his entourage of seven hundred followers. However, the earliest recorded civilization dates back to 380 BC, when Anuradhapura was established as the first capital city. Following the advent of Buddhism in the 3rd Century BC, a civilization rich in Indo Aryan culture took root. It produced the great cities with their dagobas which compare, and even exceed in size, the pyramids of Egypt, palaces and pleasure gardens, a rich art and architecture and the gigantic irrigation works, many of which are still in use today.

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